About Us

Hydra Tech Pro began from one cyclists journey to create the very best winter cycling overboot.

Our founder who originates from Lancashire has been a cyclist for many years, and whilst we have some amazing cycling routes and views in the North West we are also known to have frequently cold, wet weather. Thus the journey to creating overshoes that will withstand the bitter cold and rain began.

Winter cycling is challenging, and frozen wet feet really don’t make the ride any easier as feet can suffer more than any other body part as they are right in the line of spray generated by the front wheel. We have been developing our product over the past year, exploring with different designs and materials until we succeeded in developing the Pioggia overboots that we are confident will perform at the highest level and protect your feet from the weather enabling you to ride or commute throughout winter.

Now that we have perfected the overboots we are now working on a full wet weather range.